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Center Parcs – Venture Cove

Center parcs venture cove

Being a Center Parcs blogger is pretty exciting. A couple of Fridays ago we received a rather exciting package which contained a message in a bottle. The girls were very excited but even more so when they realised we were invited to Center Parcs to try out the new water area at Elveden Foreset called  Venture Cove.

We had a fantastic day at Center Parcs. The girls are always asking when they can go back and they were so excited. We had a lovely lunch at Hucks restaurant and the girls were given goody bags filled with water toys to get them in the mood for the fun to come. We were the first to try out the new area and the workmen had to move a huge board so we could get in. It added to the excitement that they closed it behind us. As soon as the girls saw the new area they screamed with delight and didn’t stop smiling the whole time we were there.

Center parcs venture cove

Venture Cove is a fun area for younger children with a pirate theme. There is water splashing everywhere and lots of buttons and water guns to fire. The girls loved standing on top and shooting water down on the people below.

Children playing on Venture Cove

The twins are three and they had such an amazing time. Charlotte went on everything and loved every minute as these gorgeous photos from the Center Parcs photographer show.


Center parcs venture cove

Rose was a bit more cautious but the good thing about Venture Cove is that when you first enter the water is shallow and there are smaller slides for younger children to play safely and a lovely water table with cogs and levels to explore. Rose played there for about fifteen minutes and built up her confidence and she was soon running around everywhere. Well actually she was playing calmly and then suddenly she legged it to the slide and started climbing it really confidently. I was wondering what had caused her to suddenly get so confident and then saw  the photographer at the bottom of the slide. Rose was smiling away and showing off and was really upset when he went to take photos of someone else.

Center parcs venture cove

Having the place to ourselves and a few other bloggers was such an amazing experience – we all loved every minute of it. I think the visitors over the summer will be thrilled with the new addition. The only problem is getting them to leave when it’s time to go home.


Center parcs venture cove

We went to Venture Cove as part of the Center Parcs family blogger club.

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