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Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set

I’m always looking for toys which stimulate children’s imagination and allow them to role-play being grown up. My kids have always loved pretending to cook, I guess it’s something they see me do every day. We were sent the Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Set to review and it is brilliant because it looks so realistic. Children will feel like they are using real kitchen equipment, just designed for their little hands.

This set would make a fantastic present as it is packed in a large box yet costs just £12.99. In it, you get everything you need for your toy kitchen. There is a coffee pot, a kettle a toaster, cups and saucers, plates and cutlery and even bacon eggs and sausages you can make an English Breakfast.

The best thing about this set is that it has so many working features, just like a real kitchen set. We love how you can pop toast out of the toaster. You can also pour water into the coffee maker and watch it filter the water into the coffee pot. There is good attention to detail, in the buttons and switches and these encourage children to use mathematical language and concepts when they are playing.

The set is a lovely bright red and has a contemporary styling which makes it look like many real kitchens. It looks great in our red wooden kitchen. I particularly love the styling of the kettle, with a large handle which is great for small children to grip.

The set is made from durable plastic and will last a really long time. I’ve taken this set into school where it gets a thorough testing from my class of four and five-year-olds and is definitely built to last. It is suitable for children aged 36 months upwards. This is a brilliant kitchen set which will last a long time. I can see myself drinking many cups of pretend tea and eating lots of fry ups for years to come. Thankfully the plastic sausage and bacon don’t come with all the calories of the real thing.

Disclaimer: We were sent the kitchen set for the purpose of this review.

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