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Casdon Hetty Household Cleaning Set

Toy cleaning set

Having three children under the age of ten you can probably guess I spend a lot of time dreaming of having a clean and tidy house. One where plates are put away and you don’t find random Cheerios stuck to your trousers. I spend a lot of time wondering how to get them to tidy up. So a toy which encourages cleaning sounds like a lovely idea. I was sent the Casdon Hetty Household Cleaning Set to test out and see if it would turn the girls into mini domestic goddesses.

Casdon Hetty Household Cleaning Set

This set is great value for money containing twelve different pieces. It comes in a large box, which would look lovely wrapped in paper under the tree at Christmas. It is really fun and colourful with the friendly Hetty face on the front. This set costs just under ten pounds, which is great value for money.

Casdon Hetty Household Cleaning Set

My girls love things which are bright pink and found the colour really pretty. I love the fact that there is a red Henry version too, a brilliant way to get boys and girls to play, and to clean up too.

Toy cleaning set

The set includes three little pretend bottles. You can imagine they are any cleaning products you want them to be.

Hetty Toy cleaning set Casdon

You also get a sweet little dustpan and brush. This is perfect for getting children to sweep up the carpet, even if it is just pretend.

Casdon Hetty Household Cleaning Set

There is also a broom and a little mop, which are the right size for little hands. the set is designed for children aged 3-8 years and I could see them getting lots of use out of it in that time. It would go really well in a wendy house, or in the role play area at school.

Casdon Hetty Household Cleaning Set

My favourite thing is the packet of Super carpet cleaner as it looks really realistic.

Pretend play cleaning
Prentend play

The girls had a great time playing with this set. I loved the way it encouraged them to role play and really stimulated their imaginations. Their current favourite TV show is Hetty Feather and they had a lovely time pretending to be Foundling orphans forced to slave away in the kitchen. I’m not really sure why this is their favourite game and what it says about our family but I now have a lovely polished floor so I can’t complain. 


Disclaimer: We were sent the toy for the purposes of this review.

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