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Carrying Water Bottle While Traveling Will Save You from These Problems

Traveling with your water bottle in tow can seem like an action that’s just for ‘green lifers’, and people who aren’t so cool, but wait till you hear the benefits before reaching hasty conclusions!

Carrying a water bottle with you is one of the wisest decisions you can make whilst traveling, as it has so many hidden advantages.

Why Should I Carry a Water Bottle While Traveling?


Here are some practical reasons to carry Healthy Human Water Bottles:

1. You Reduce the Amount of Waste Generated by the Use of Plastic Bottles


Plastic water bottles are often single-use, and after use, they are disposed of. In the United States, an estimated 35 billion plastic water bottles are thrown away and with a less than 25% rate of recycling of wastes, these bottles end up in our landfills and oceans.

These bottles are created via a process that has to do with lots of pollution and as well, when biodegraded, the process is super slow and takes lots of years. Think about it: for a product whose life-cycle is inherently toxic to life and to the environment, why bother to use it?

By carrying along your own reusable water bottle, you can sleep well at night, knowing you have reduced your carbon footprint.

2. Your Health Will Thank You


Even if you don’t care so much about the environment, surely, you care a lot about your own health?

Plastic water bottles are super good at leaching chemicals into the water stored in them. Examples of these toxic chemicals are PET (polyterephthlate), antimony (leached into water from PET) and so many more, leading to health symptoms like headaches and gastrointestinal problems.

Some studies have also shown that tap water contains less bacteria than bottled water, so what’s the point of carrying around plastic water bottles that might not live up to their promised levels of purity? When you carry along your own water bottle, you get to refill it at intervals with water or a drink from a trusted source…which brings us to our next point:

3. You are in control of what gets into your bottle


With your own bottle, you are super sure of what comes in. It’s pretty smart to employ the use of a water filter to refill your bottle, or use a quality filtered water dispensing machine that’ll most likely be available on your traveling trips.

Whatever the case and wherever you are, a reusable water bottle is a pretty good method of keeping tabs of what goes into your bottle and in effect, into your body. Want to take more water while on this trip? Do something creative; like setting an alarm to determine when to refill your bottle with some more water.

4. Save You Some Cash!


Since you’re on a trip, you’re more likely than not, to spend above your budget, especially on miscellaneous expenses. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you were able to then cut down on certain expenses, while enjoying yourself still?

One super cool way to achieve this is by the use of reusable water bottles. It would surprise you how much money you can save on using the same bottle over and over again, instead of having to buy fresh bottles every time. What say you, to spend 50 dollars on a reusable bottle, and save over 100 dollars on buying new bottles all the time? It might look like a pretty lean profit margin until you calculate how much you’d be saving on several trips.  

What’s more, your bottle can be used to carry drinks like coffee and tea, and you get to profit from the discount offered by coffee shops for reusable cups and bottles.

Wrapping Up


Your health, the environment, and your pocket becoming richer from the simplistic decision of carrying around your own water bottle, should be enough stimuli for you to choose this obviously cooler path!

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