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Cardboard box castle

Cardboard box castle
Cardboard box castle

Here is our cardboard box castle. This castle is perfect for a queen or princess to play with. It is quite girly, but you could easily change the colours and make it fit any story you like.

We used a box a bit bigger than a shoe box.

cardboard box castle

We decorated the box with glittery foam, although you could paint it. I cut a couple of holes for windows and then a large arch for the drawbridge, making sure it was attached at the bottom. I cut two small holes above the drawbridge for the ropes and fed some ribbon through.

cardboard drawbridge

I made two holes at the back and then threaded the ribbon through.


You can then attach the ribbon to the drawbridge with tape.


When you pull the ribbon the drawbridge will lift. Onto the front we stuck some shiny foil to look like bars.


We made turrets out of toilet rolls.

cardboard box castle

The finished castle, complete with glitter moat and a lollypop stick flag.

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