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Cardboard Boats Craft For Kids

cardboard boat

This post is a bit overdue – this was an activity we did a year ago but I never got round to writing about it. We made some cardboard boats from egg boxes. They are actually canoes or kayaks.

cardboard canoe

The boats were a little fiddly to make. I used a strip cut from an egg box. Then attached two strips of cardboard on either side bringing it to a point. I drew around the shape to make the top and bottom and stuck it all together with masking tape. The girls all enjoyed painting the boats.

cardboard boat

They were so excited when the time finally came to sail the boats.

cardboard boat

The next day one of the boats had it’s maiden voyage. We went to a local park with a lovely shallow area of water where the river leads onto a lake. The girls had lots of fun playing with their nets. Then we decided to launch our cardboard boat. Off it went!

I was really impressed with how well it sailed. The boat lasted really well despite only being made out of cardboard. I think it was all the masking tape. We were able to fish it in with our nets and launch it again. This is my favourite picture from the day. It sums up what a lovely big sister Molly can be as she helps Charlotte to launch the cardboard boat.


This is one day which stands out for me as being absolutely perfect. We had such a lovely time.

We still have fun with the boats now as the other two are in our small world box. We have had lots of fun playing at home with the canoes and waterbeads.

Such a great idea - make cardboard boats using egg boxes and sail them - encourages creativity and team work

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