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Cardboard Box Boats: Olympic Canoes

cardboard boat

To celebrate the Olympics we have made some cardboard box canoes. Or they are probably more like kayaks. We used an egg box cut in half to make the seats.

cardboard boat

Around this we stuck two pieces of card cut from a cereal box using masking tape. One goes each side and then the corners are stuck together.

cardboard boat

We used another piece of card to go on the top and the bottom. We traced around the canoe and then cut out the shape.We added a couple of extra strips of masking tape to make it a bit smoother.

cardboard canoe

Then we painted it. I let the girls choose their own colours. Molly was keen to paint hers red to support Team GB.

cardboard canoe

We left them to dry.

cardboard box canoe

While they dried we arranged some water beads to make the water. It looks rather tempting, don’t you think. This was a selection of different coloured water beads which I put into roasting trays.

water beads

Then we got our favourite small world toys to have a race.

cardboard canoe

We used another egg box for the spectators.

cardboard canoe small world play

The Royal family had their own box, closely guarded by the police.

cardboard boat

When the twins came down from their nap it was all ready for them to play.

Charlotte put the toy which looks like her into the boat. Then started throwing the water beads on the floor – of course!

play time

Rose had great fun lining up all the toys in the water.

small world play

If we get chance we will take them on a real stretch of water and see if they float.

At the end of a tiring and fun day the spectators and competitors can go home on their cardboard box London Bus, which we handily made earlier in the week.

cardboard box London bus

olympic badge

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