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Can you feed a 7 year old for £40?


Children are expensive there is no denying it. Every time we leave the house they seem to need money for something. Yet how much do they actually cost? According to Natwest the average cost for feeding a seven year old is £40. I tested this out over a week to see if this was actually the case.

To work out what we spent I have worked out the cost per person per meal. Molly is very active and seems to be always hungry. I think she must be having a growth spurt.


Breakfast: weetabix, honey,

Lunch: cheese sandwiches, blueberries

Dinner: spaghetti , yogurt

Snacks: apple, banana, cereal bar

Cost: £3.40


Breakfast: pot of porridge, honey

Lunch: ham sandwich, crisps, apple

Dinner: chilli and rice, yogurt

Snacks: sweets, pear, cheese strings

Cost: £3.60


Breakfast: weetabix, honey

Lunch: ham sandwich, cheese, grapes

Dinner: sausage and mash, jelly

Snacks: ice cream, raisons

Cost: £4.10


Breakfast: Cheerios, honey

Lunch: jam bagel, apple

Dinner: pesto pasta, yogurt

Snacks: raisins, cereal bar, cheese and biscuit

Cost: £3.90


Breakfast: Cheerios

Lunch: toast and jam, banana

Dinner: stir fry, yogurt

Snacks: Apple, bag of crisps

Cost: £2.20


Breakfast: weetabix, honey

Lunch: cafe lunch box

Dinner: pizza and chips, yogurt

Snacks: sweets, grapes, bread sticks and cheese spread

Cost: £6.50


Breakfast: pot of porridge, honey

Lunch: ham sandwich, apple

Dinner: roast chicken and vegetables, yogurt

Snacks: cereal bar, tangerine, whippy ice cream

Cost: £4.30


Drinks for the week: milk, Squash, 3 fruit shoots, 2 carton on juice, hot chocolate

Cost: £5.20

Total Cost: £33.90

I think £40 is probably about right as an average cost If you ate out more often though it would be more. We had a week at home and didn’t eat out much as it was in between trips away so I was actively trying to save money. I can see I could easily save money by not buying drinks while we are out as this does cost more.

The thing is of course this doesn’t take into account the cost of all the other things we had to buy that week. This included a trip to the soft play, loom hands, a magazine, new school shoes, school uniform. As well as the household things needed like washing powder and bath things. I would estimate during the same week I spent When you look at it children really are expensive. Good thing the joy they bring is priceless.

If you want to see the cost of your children then go to the Natwest Child Cost Calculator 

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