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Campfire Cupcake Recipe

Campfire cupcakes

The girls decided to have a camping party for their birthday this year. Unfortunately, the British weather lived up to its reputation and we had drizzle the whole time which meant the campfire we had planned did not happen. Luckily, we had made some campfire cupcakes complete with toasting marshmallows to eat instead.  

Campfire cupcakes

We used this Campfire S’mores recipe from Betty Crocker as inspiration for our cupcakes. I used our basic cupcake recipe which is 4oz of butter, caster sugar and self-raising flour as well as two eggs. We added a spoonful of cocoa powder to make them chocolatey and a teaspoon of orange essence.  The icing was a butter cream with orange food colouring and orange essence. We piped this onto the cakes and then loaded them with twiglets to look like a fire. 


The fun part was making the flames. We used boiled sweets bashed up in a freezer bag. The twins really enjoyed bashing the sweets with a rolling pin. We lay the pieces on a baking tray and then baked over a low heat in the oven. 

Campfire cupcakes

This worked so beautifully and I loved how the finished piece looked. We split it into shards to look like the flames. 

Campfire cupcakes

On top of the cake, we put some cocktail sticks with pieces of marshmallow on to look like toasting marshmallows. These cakes looked great although they did have a mixed reaction from the guests as some of them didn’t like marshmallows. It would be worth making some plain cakes as well. 

Campfire cupcakes

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