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Buying Clothes for Kids Online

My children have been going through a big growth spurt over the last few months. It really isn’t the best time for clothes shopping right now. Although shops are starting to reopen, I’d still rather avoid the queues except for essentials. It looks like buying online is the best option at the moment. There are some issues to consider when buying children’s clothes online. In order not to suffer from buyers remorse, it is worth taking your time and making sure you get what you need.


Online shopping is also a great way to cut costs. Have you considered using pay weekly catalogues to spread the cost of your purchases? There are often vouches to use online which make it easy to get a discount. There are all several online retailers which are dedicated to searching the sales and getting the best discounts.

Where to buy

There are so many different places to buy online it can often feel a bit daunting. It’s worth asking around and getting recommendations from your friends and family, especially if you see them wearing items you like. If you want to play it safe then it is also a good idea to go for familiar brands. If you choose styles which you have tried before and liked then you are less likely to be disappointed. Sometimes it is worth trying something new. You could use a different retailer you haven’t tried before.


Delivery can be a bit slower at the moment so check the website for any delivery conditions. If you want an item quickly you might have to shop around. Several retailers are still offering next day delivery or you can collect in store. It is also worth looking at the cost of delivery as it can bump up the price, especially if you are only looking to buy one item. It is often cheaper if you buy a few items to get free postage.


The most important thing is to check the correct size before you buy. It is worth taking the time to measure your child and check the clothes will really fit. Look online at the sizing of the item and use a tape measure to check each measurement. You might be surprised what size you will need for your child especially as sizing often varies between stores.


Finally, ensure you can return the items if they are not right. Read the returns policy and check you return it by the correct date. You may need to pay for return postage. Make sure you do not cut off any labels before returning.

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