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Budgeting for Christmas

Christmas puddings

Having twins really threw a spanner in the works budget wise. We thought we had everything planned with money but costs really are doubled with twins. Recently we have had the start of school. Two sets of school shoes was a real shock as well as jumpers with the school logo on. It might be early to start mentioning the C word – but Christmas is coming and it is worth starting to plan for it now so it doesn’t become too much of a shock.

Christmas puddings

So here are the steps we are taking to ensure a fun but frugal Christmas. Check out our other post about keeping spending under control at Christmas.

Write a List

It’s not just Santa who needs a list at Christmas. I make sure I have a list of everyone I need to buy for and how much I want to spend. If I spend more on one person than I have to adjust and spend less on someone else. It’s very satisfying to tick things off when they are bought and it means I don’t go over budget.

Save through the Year

I try to not see Christmas as a December expense. Instead we set aside a little money each month to spread the costs. To make sure we are getting the best value for our money we spend time looking around for the Best interest Savings Accounts. Each month we put in money which will be used for Christmas and birthday presents throughout the year.

Make Presents and Cards

making Christmas cards

I love to make things with the kids. They only have a little pocket money at the moment so don’t have money for presents of their own. Instead we make things together and they give them to family and friends. We also make cards which saves quite a bit!

Savings Coupons

I am lucky and don’t have to cook Christmas dinner – as we go to family. I do save out supermarket savings stamps to give and this definitely helps the hostess. A little money each time you go shopping is barely noticed but it definitely adds up come Christmas time.

Sales Shopping

I would love to be one of those people who buys things in the sales and puts them away – I’m just not that organised. However from now there are lots of sales around. Including some greta 2 for 1’s in the toy shops. It’s hard to buy things too early as they might not want it come Christmas but if I see something now then I put it away. the main thing I have to watch is to put it somewhere I can find it. There have been too many times when I have bought something only to not find it when the big day approaches. This means a panic shopping spree which usually results in buying something much more expensive than planned. This year I am going to keep everything much more organised so I can find it.

So what do all these saving mean? Well a bigger Christmas present for me of course! And Santa if you’re listening I have been very good this year….

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 10.38.19

Just saying.

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