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My Favourite Childhood Memories

Care bears

I have been feeling a bit nostalgic for my childhood recently. I guess it’s the feeling of time passing as the girls start Nursery and are growing up. This magical age of childhood is over so fast. In the holidays we visited my parents and they had been sorting out their loft and found some childhood treasure. It’s amazing how such objects bring back a flood of memories.

fisher price puzzle

I had a lovely childhood full of picnics and parties, clubs and crafting and lots of trips to the beach. It’s the childhood I try to replicate for my girls. It is so lovely that when we visit my parents they play with some of my old toys.

One of my favourite activities and theirs are playing with puzzles. I love that these puzzles are timeless. As long as you keep them carefully and don’t lose any pieces they are just as good as when I played with them when I was little. Seeing those well loved puzzles instantly transports me. Especially where I have written numbers on the bottom of the pieces to make it easier to complete. I was such a cheat!

fisher price puzzle

Another thing I love to share with my children is a love of reading. I have always been a voracious reader and I hope the girls will be too. Molly brought home a book from the Bangers and mash series of readers early last year and I remember reading it so clearly as a child.

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 11.09.26

My favourite toys were care Bears and My Little Pony. I had a few of each toy when I was younger and these were definitely my favourite. They are now in a box and come out at bath time when we visit my parents. They get a good wash! These have been given a modern twist recently and while they are good fun and more appealing to modern children – there is something so nostalgic about my old toys and it is so wonderful seeing them played with again.

Care bears

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Which of your childhood toys have you shared with your children?

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