Breyer My Dream Horse Craft Kit Review

Molly was really excited to be sent a Breyer My Dream Horse craft kit to review. This set is for children aged 6+ and has lots of detail in it. It is really beautiful and great for a Summer holiday proiject, especially if your children love horses.Breyer My Dream HorseThe set comes with everything you need to make a beautiful horse. I loved the fact that you could make paint it however you wanted so it really is the horse of your dreams. The set contains: horse sculpture, paint pots, paint brushes, glue, mohair and colour instruction booklet.

Breyer Craft kits


Even before you paint it the horse is beautiful. The plastic model has been sculpted by equine artist Kitty Cantrell.

Breyer Craft kits My Dream Horse


The instruction booklet is very detailed and contains lots of handy hints and tips as well as lots of horse facts. You can mix the colours together to make your horse any colour you want, and follow the patterns to recreate a real type of horse. this would be a great gift for anyone who owns or rides a horse as they could paint the actual markings of it.

Breyer Craft kits My Dream Horse


Molly is seven and needed a bit of help with some of the steps, however she was able to complete the project herself. The set costs just under £15, and I think this is a great price for such a detailed kit which creates a sculpture which will be treasured for years to come. It was a really lovely project and I will definitely be buying more craft kits from Breyer in the future.

Breyer Craft kits My Dream Horse



Disclaimer: This is my post as a DKL Blogger Team. I was sent the craft kit for the purposes of this reviewDKL Blogger Badge


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