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Boxing Day Traditions

I always used to find myself left alone at this time of year, with the rest of the family watching all of the Premier league football on TV, especially on Boxing Day. It is such a tradition I can’t argue with it just like. We have to wear our cracker hats all day until we go to bed. We have to argue about who had the most presents and who gets to put their CD or DVD on first. We have to eat bubble and squeak for Boxing Day lunch and go for a long walk by the sea to walk off the Christmas pudding.


Of course the problem for me is that I don’t like to watch the football. I don’t mind live matches or playing football at a push but watching on TV is too much. So for the last few years I have decided to start my own traditions. Why not spend Boxing Day afternoon being pampered? I am usually given a few new products for Christmas, nail polish or body lotion, things to do a facial or a massage. Boxing Day is always a quiet day so the perfect time to have a well deserved treat and get ready for the new year ahead. I’m not knocking watching the football, if that’s your thing but doesn’t a pamper day sound better?No7 Christmas looks

For the last couple of years I have had three little helpers in my day of pampering. They love a bit of girl time and are quite happy to try out all my new things. Of course when you are a parent nothing belongs to you any more. The other good thing about having a pamper day while the football is on is that you have a whole room of distracted people sitting still. The girls have lots of people to practice their manicure skills on.

No7 Christmas looks

This year to help us with our pampering we were sent a lovely parcel of goodies from Pamper Parcels. If you are looking for a treat to send as a present or just for yourself  this is a great company.

Pamper parcels

There were lots of treats just for me including gourmet popcorn and bath bombs. Lovely.

Pamper parcels

Anyway if you are interested Chelsea beat West Ham 2-0. Newcastle lost to Man U and everyone went home with lovely blue and red nails with little hearts and smelling beautifully of cocoa butter and almond oil. Great results for all round!

Disclaimer: We were sent the pamper parcel by Betfair. 

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