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Bouncing Cats and Boom Boom Pups

Bouncing Cats and Boom Boom Pups

During half term, I took the girls to see the fun show Bouncing Cats and Boom Boom Pups at The Hippodrome. Whenever I think of the Hippodrome I think of all the big shows they put on. The current season looks really amazing with some huge shows coming, The Pantomime at Christmas, Matilda and Wicked to name just a few on our must-see list. I didn’t realise that The Hippodrome has a smaller venue The Patrick centre, which offers more intimate shows. This offers a totally different theatre experience and is the perfect day out for Half Term. 

We got to the show a little early and we really pleased there were lots of craft activities to keep the children entertained while they wait for the show to start. These had a dog and cat theme to match the show. This was such a brilliant idea as children can get really fidgety while they are waiting. It’s also a lovely way to extend the fun of the show.

The girls were really surprised when we walked into the Patrick Centre. The last show we went to at The Hippodrome was The Pantomime at Christmas and so they were expecting to enter a big auditorium with lots of chairs in a row. Instead, we entered a large open room with big boards painted with graffiti. We loved the bright bold colours on the graffiti and before the show started the girls were allowed to explore the space and look at the art.

I was a little worried before the show started, as we had been away for the week and had got up really early to travel back, so the girls were all a little grumpy. They didn’t like the idea of having to stand through the performance. As soon as it started, they were enthralled and were soon giggling and dancing and joining in.

Bouncing Cats and Boom Boom Pups

Boom Boom Cats is a two-man show put on by spoken-word artist Maxwell Golden and graffiti artist, Mr Dane. They start by asking for different items to use in their free flow rap. This is a brilliant start to the show as the children loved finding strange objects and getting them put into a rap. There were car keys, tissues, Smints, a pencil and a beanie hat.

Bouncing Cats and Boom Boom Pups

Charlotte was thrilled that they used her Lottie doll and made it do a break dance. She was surprisingly flexible and could even spin on her head.

Bouncing Cats and Boom Boom Pups

The show itself features lots of audience interaction. I liked the fact that everyone was encouraged to be part of the show and no one was embarrassed. The song features beatbox and rap, with lots of opportunities to join in. The name of the show Bouncing Cats and Boom Boom Pups is used as you can break it down and instantly become a Boom Box expert. It’s pretty addictive and the girls haven’t stop beatboxing since we went to the performance.

Bouncing Cats and Boom Boom Pups

The whole show is really high energy and really puts you in a good mood. Thye end was particularly fun as a final graffiti board is revealed and the children become part of the after show, with a smoke machine and UV lighting. You can tell how much they enjoyed it by the look on their faces.

Bouncing Cats and Boom Boom Pups

We left the show feeling uplifted and energised. They even got a souvenir as they were allowed to keep the planning sheet from the beginning of the show. We all loved it and it was the perfect length for the audience of 5-10-year-olds who were left wanting more. This was brilliant value for money with children’s tickets costing just £9.50 which makes a trip to the theatre much more affordable.

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To find out more about family-friendly events at Birmingham Hippodrome, visit:

Bouncing Cats and Boom Boom Pups

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Bouncing Cats and Boom Boom Pups at Birmingham Hippodrome

Disclaimer: we were given a family ticket to the show for the purposes of this review. 

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