Top Tips to Boost your Website

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So you are finally getting around to it. That website that needs tidying up like a neglected back garden you always want to get around to but always put off. You’ve probably spent more times over the last year directing people away from your website than to it because you know it needs a lot … Read more

What I’ve Learnt About Blogging

So a new year has just begun. I love buying new diaries and note books at the start of the year to get that wonderful clean first page to write on. You don’t really get that in blogging – well unless you start a whole new blog of course. All your past blog posts, whether … Read more

Top 5 Tips For New Bloggers

I’ve now been blogging for six whole months. I’m not sure if that makes me a newbie or an old pro. Does six months give me leave to give blogging tips? Probably not. Oh well I’ll do it anyway. There is so much I still don’t understand about blogging. What is it? Why is it … Read more