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Blog Awards

I feel a little bit funny asking for nominations but I know there are some non blogger types out there who won’t have heard of blogging awards but are just dying to nominate me so thought I’d mention it. Just in passing. You know, not begging or anything. Just slipping into conversation.
“Blog awards? Did someone say blog awards? Oh I haven’t heard anything about those, no I’m really not that interested? But wouldn’t it be a laugh if I won? Ha ha!” *Quick check to see if anyone’s noticed*.
 I always feel the same in the run up to Christmas asking for presents. People should just know instinctively what to get me. I shouldn’t have to ask. After a couple of weeks I realise that my subtle hints and blatant suggestions are going unnoticed. I leave out a magazine with a choice present highlighted and circled in the hope that I will get the present I want.
In the same way I’m just going to slip the across the table. You might notice I’ve helpfully circled the categories I think my blog fits into below (*cough* New Blog and Family Fun). You just need an email account to vote. It takes seconds. or so I’ve heard. I don’t know anything about it really.
Right off I go. Nothing to see here. La la laaa.

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