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Blingles Glimmer Glam Styler- Review

Blingles Glam Styler
Blingles glam styler

There have been a few adverts for Blingles on television recently and I have to admit I have been a little sceptical about them. I have bought products like this before but found the results don’t match the end product on the advert. My opinion completely changed when we tested the Blingles Glitter Glam Styler. I was really pleased and surprised by the quality of the end stickers. They looked really good and actually just like they do on the box. It is great to have a craft which kids can do on their own and be proud of.  

The Blingles Glam Styler is meant for children aged 6+. Looking at the pots of glitter I realised this was something for just Molly to do so we had to wait until the twins were in bed (it also explains why the pictures are a little dark).

Bingles Glam Styler

Although this looks like it might be a messy craft everything is actually contained within the set. There is a pink tray with four colours of glitter, a space for the stickers, a tool to tidy the glitter and a tool to put on the little gems. I love the attention to detail. They are grooves for the lids of the glitter pots to sit in so they don’t roll off and they is even a special container for you to sweep the glitter in each time and pour the left over bits back into the pots. Although we both ended up with glitter on our faces there wasn’t any anywhere else – which is pretty amazing.

Bingles Glam Styler

The set contains everything you need to make 60 glittery stickers. There are sets of stickers, four colours of glitter and little gems. You peel off a colour at a time and roll the glitter over using a nifty roller which is concealed in the glitter pot lid. The colour adheres to a glue layer on the sticker and it works really well giving a strong colour and lots of sparkle. After each layer is finished you add a gem using the tool provided. We found you have to keep this clean so it continues to work.

Blingles Glam Styler

We were both so pleased and excited with the final stickers. They look great and seem really durable. You can stick them to anything, though I am keeping them for cards and notebooks.

Blingles Glam Styler

There is a big range of deigns o the stickers. At first Molly wasn’t very keen on the black glitter but it gives it a stronger finish and makes it seem a bit more grown up. After the first go Molly was able to do this completely on her own. It was a great activity to get her to do while I was busy tidying up. The set costs just under £20. Although this might seem a lot you do have everything you need for a really fun craft. Molly has so far spent three evenings making stickers and is still really keen. My only reservation is that once all the stickers are made the rest of the set cannot be used. It seems a bit of a waste to throw it a way but it is tailored so well to just this activity I don’t think it would have another use.

Bingles Glam Styler

My opinion of this product has completely changed after testing it. I liked the end results and was impressed by how little mess there was at the end. It really appeals to children who like to keep things neat and organised and who love a bit of glitter and sparkle in their life.

Disclaimer: I was set the set for the purposes of this review. 

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