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Birthday Books Countdown

Birthday Books Countdown

When I was sorting through the girls bookcase this year I realised they have lots of books about birthdays. I thought it would be nice to make them a birthday books countdown in the lead-up to their special day, to get them excited. I had enough books for about ten days and then included a couple of the homemade photo books we had from previous birthdays.

Birthday Books Countdown

Once I had collected them all together I wrapped them in paper and tied them with a bow. It looked like a huge birthday parcel. The girls were really excited about unwrapping a book each night and it didn’t matter at all that they were books they already owned. They also were good talking points about some of the issues which come up around birthdays such as getting toys you don’t like or not being jealous when it’s someone else’s birthday.

Birthday Book Countdown

Topsy and Tim have a Birthday Party by Jean and Gareth Adamson

Lettice The Birthday Party by Mandy Stanley

Happy Birthday Bear by Richard Evans

Happy Birthday Winnie by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul

Princess Poppy The Birthday

It’s My Birthday by Helen Oxenbury

Happy Birthday to You by Dr Seuss

Happy Birthday Maisy by Lucy Cousins

Katie Morag And The Birthdays by Mairi Hedderwick

I want two Birthdays by Tony Ross

Kipper’s Birthday by Mick Inkpen

Curious George and the Birthday Surprise by H. A. Rey and Margaret Rey

Charlie and Lola: This is Actually My Party  by Lauren Child

Birthday Book Countdown

birthday books countdown - a great idea for the run up to a birthday

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