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Birth Complications: Things to Consider Before Giving Birth

There’s no doubt that giving birth is one of the most fabulous and fascinating events in a woman’s life. It’s the act in which you bring new life into this world, and it’s often emotional, spiritual, and deeply memorable. It’s a once in a lifetime event for many – but for many more, it can be less than thrilling. 

In this article, you’ll learn some of the information that’ll prepare you for birth, by showing you which complications might arise and what you can do about them if and when they do. 

Pain Killers

As you may well know, many women choose not to have the large pain relief medicine – called an epidural – during childbirth, as they understandably want to be ‘present’ for when the child is born. They want to feel the pain and all the other emotions and feelings in their pure form, and that’s certainly understandable considering how important an event this is in life. Pain killers can also help you avoid passing out and can help you relax. Often, this is something you should leave to the doctors and midwives to decide either way.

Injuries at Birth

There are many ways in which a young baby can be injured in the birthing process. Many of these are inevitable, given the position of the baby – while others can be down to the negligence of staff and nurses in the hospital in which you give birth. 

When you’ve had your child, be aware that you and they can make a compensation claim for a birth injury in order to receive the cash that will compensate for the harm caused to you and your child through the negligence of medical professionals. 

Postpartum Feelings

You may be fairly unaware of the post-birth feelings and emotions that rush through your body, but sometimes they can bring some unexpected side-effects. While you will undoubtedly feel a rush of unconditional love for your new child, you may also experience feelings of regret, depression, anxiety and worthlessness – emotions that a surprisingly large number of mothers can feel after giving birth. 

Make sure you have enough support and care in the first weeks of your post-pregnancy in order to be able to support yourself and your baby.

Varicose veins 

Varicose veins during pregnancy are caused by an increase of blood volume in veins which allows veins to stretch. When the abdominal and pelvic veins compress the enlarged uterus, it increases the pressure inside the veins of the lower pelvis and legs and partially obstructing the blood flow out of the legs and lower pelvis.

Varicose veins that develop during pregnancy will resolve after the baby is born but will worsen with subsequent pregnancies. As a result, according to a Vein doctor in Phoenix, it is advisable to treat varicose veins in between pregnancies to avoid adding to the suffering with each pregnancy.

Still Birth

Finally, one of the most difficult events a family can go through is the birth of a child that has already died. After carrying a child for nine months, giving birth only to find that the child has passed away due to a birth complication can be utterly devastating – and you will need to find support and medical care to help you through this unexpected turn of events. This is perhaps the worst-possible case scenario for pregnant women, but it’s something that many do go through over the course of their lives.

There you have it – four complications and considerations to bear in mind when considering birth and pregnancy in the modern era. 

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