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BigJigs pink floral hobby horse Review

BigJigs Floral Pink Hobby Horse

If you want a traditional, well crafted toy then one of the first places to look is BigJigs Toys. I entered a draw on the Wooden toy companies facebook site to review a toy and I was delighted to get my top choice of the BigJigs pink floral hobby horse. Ever since we went to the donkey derby my daughter has started an obsession with horses and will quite often ride around on my kitchen brush pretending she’s at the donkeyside which is what she called the donkey derby.

The hobby horse is a beautiful toy. I love the floral pattern on it. One of the twins has a floral name and although I try not to only buy things with a flower pattern on I just can’t resist them now as they remind me of her. I was amazed when I saw the price of this, for the quality of the finish I would be expecting to pay much more than the 16.79 price tag. I think this will become a toy which gets passed down through the family and for that price that is amazing.

The has been a lot of talk recently about the slow toys movement. This is where you buy toys made from natural materials, with stimulate the imagination and don’t have batteries. This is definitely one of those toys. It is brilliant for role play, and although the brush serves the same job this is so much more beautiful and will give years of enjoyment. The horse is suitable for 3+ years and don’t worry if you’re looking for something less feminine as there is a beautiful cord version on the Wooden ToyShop website as well.

By the way, if you enjoy entering competitions and are wanting a great wooden present for your children this Christmas then have a look at the Wooden Toy Shop’s facebook page. Every week on a Wednesday until mid December they are doing a competition to win one of their lovely toys. I’ve entered a few but don’t expect to win anything because I am so rubbish at estimating. Yes I know I’m a teacher but I once tried to fit 30 sets of drawers into a KA. Maybe you’ll have better luck!

Disclaimer: I was sent a hobby horse to review. The views expressed are my own and remain honest.

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