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Best DIY Gifts for Couples 

Creating your own DIY gifts for couples is a fun way to show the people you know and love that you cherish everything about them as a duo. And while it’s not like striding into a store and purchasing something already made for you, that extra step shows that you care and that thoughtfulness is what makes a gift truly spectacular. While those traditional store bought items are wonderful they don’t always show that you spent time creating a truly one of a kind item just for them. 

Let us look at some of the best DIY gifts to make for all the happy couples in your life.

DIY Personalized Photo Album

One of the best ways to give something special and unique as a gift would be through a photo album. You could collect photos of their first dates, and even photos of the recent places they visited. Enter the photos creatively on a beautiful album and you could include names, date and even your wishes and blessings with the photos. Use stickers, washy tape or bright markers to add a more creative touch to it. I’m sure that this is one of the best gift ideas for celebrating anniversary this works for both parents and friends. This proves to be one of the beautiful anniversary gifts for couples in general. 

If you are a high tech individual, instead of the traditional photo album try creating a digital photo book and then print them. There are also many online services where you can employ your creativity to create an attractive high-end photo book and then print and deliver it. This is the best combination of the old traditional and the new technology. 

Photo by Rirri on Unsplash

DIY Homemade Candles

Nothing can spark the love more than candles. You could opt for fragrance such as vanilla for a happy home, lavender for calmness, and soothing effect and so on. For DIY candle, follow these simple steps. 

To create the candle, you will require old candle containers, wicks, soy wax flakes and essential oils of your choice. To prepare the candle weigh the wax flakes and melt it. While melting add a few drops of the essential oil. Once fully melted pour them into the containers after you apply wick to it. Allow it to set, and you have your beautiful special candle ready. 

DIY Custom Recipe Book

Gather up all of their favorite recipes and a few new ones that you think they should try – then write a little note with each recipe that says why you chose it or if you have a suggestion for a final touch. 

For an extra special touch, find some pictures of them cooking together or eating. A cute binder or scrapbook can be used to keep all of the recipes in and you could even laminate the pages to make them last. This gift is truly the gift that can keep on giving.

Hand-Painted Mugs

Hand-painted mugs are a gift that the couple can use every single day. Find some ceramic mugs and some ceramic paint or paint markers. Design mugs that have each of their names or a cute quote or an illustration on them. 

After the mugs are painted, follow the directions on the package to set the paint. In most cases this includes putting the mugs in the oven and baking them. When the mugs are done being made, the homes will have a fun and unique set of dishwasher safe mugs to enjoy.

DIY Date Night Jar

A DIY date night jar is a really fun and cute way to give the gift of fun. A jar can be filled with popsicle sticks or slips of paper that each have a different date night idea on them. Some simple and cheap options could be movie night in or out, picnic, bake/cook something together, etc. 

The jar can be decorated in their style and there could also be color coding to match popsicles. They could either indicate what type of date that it is or what some simple and challenging options are. By giving this gift you are giving the gift of spending time together.

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Wrap up 

DIY gifts are a great way to show a couple you care. From a custom photo album to homemade candles to a custom cook book to hand-painted mugs, these gifts have a level of personalisation that store-made gifts can’t have. 

Get in touch with your creative side and give a gift just for that special duo you’re trying to find the perfect present for. 

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