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7 Best Cooking Shows For Kids To Watch

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It can be quite challenging to find a great pastime that combines fun and learning for your little one. However, if your child is interested in cooking or trying new delicacies, introducing them to cooking shows for kids can have numerous benefits. They also offer a wonderful opportunity for parent-child bonding. Keep reading to discover a list of the top cooking shows that children can enjoy binge-watching.

#1 The Great British Baking Show

Unlike the typical reality-style cooking contests that are often dominated by a dog-eat-dog mentality and a cast of foul-mouthed characters with big personalities, The Great British Baking Show is a refreshing change. This show is civilized and sweet, serving as a crash course in good sportsmanship — just as you would expect from a baking competition that originates from across the pond. However, don’t expect a snoozefest. The contestants and hosts, while consistently kind and supportive, display plenty of charm and wit that will engage viewers of all ages from start to finish. Moreover, there are eight seasons of this delightful cooking show, providing ample squeaky-clean content to keep your kid entertained for quite some time.

#2 Iron Chef

Iron Chef continues the tradition of Kitchen Stadium and the renowned “secret ingredient,” inspired by the Japanese cult phenomenon. Each week, the legendary Iron Chefs of America – Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, Masaharu Morimoto, Cat Cora, Jose Garces, Michael Symon, Marc Forgione, and Geoffrey Zakarian – face off against world-class chefs. Commentator Alton Brown and Chairman Mark Dacascos play crucial roles in this exhilarating culinary showdown.

This may not be the most obvious choice for children, but the spirit of competition is difficult to replace with anything. You can try Iron Chef and see if your child likes it. He might even want to prepare some kind of cooking recipe. The only caveat is limited availability, but this can be easily fixed with VeePN. It allows you to change your IP address; it has IP addresses from 60 countries around the world.

#3 Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush, a game inspired by candy, pits four professional bakers against each other in three challenging contests. With the show run by expert bakers, you’ll surely gain valuable insights into blending flavors and crafting distinctive creations. It’s an excellent opportunity to introduce older children to the world of cooking and baking.

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#4 MasterChef Junior

Chef Gordon Ramsay keeps his infamous foul language reserved at home, as he challenges and mentors young contestants between the ages of 8 and 13 in a series of cook-offs and culinary trials. However, don’t assume that he goes easy on these budding chefs. In the very first episode of the inaugural season, these talented youngsters were given a mere 60 minutes to prepare various dishes showcasing fresh seafood.

#5 Be Our Chef

Angela Kinsey is preparing to challenge five families of food enthusiasts to create imaginative dishes. What sets this show apart is the Disney-themed challenges, where families compete head-to-head to accumulate as many victories as they can. Ultimately, the top two contenders will square off in the grand finale.

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#6 Nailed It

Netflix’s “Nailed It” presents a delightful cooking show that guarantees a good laugh. Viewers, especially children, will be entertained by the amusing attempts of contestants trying to replicate challenging themed cakes. As expected, the bakers’ plans often fall apart, leading to moments of hilarity. While the show includes good-natured teasing, contestants also revel in self-mockery.

#7 Bake Squad

Christina Tosi, the host of Milkbar’s remarkable show, guides four contestants in creating extravagant and imaginative desserts for clients who provide descriptions of their desired treats for special occasions. These discerning clients then assume the role of judges, selecting the dessert that best suits their celebration. Kids will delight in participating by voting for their favorite dessert among options such as a life-size chocolate drum set cake, a giant chocolate dragon egg, or a VW van made entirely of red velvet cake that can even be spray-painted with edible paint.


A child is a storehouse of talents, but they need to be revealed. Good parents provide the opportunity to try different areas and explore them until the child finds something he likes. If cooking resonates with you or you just want to see if there is any interest in this area, try watching cooking shows for kids. Their selection is extensive, so don’t give up right away. You may just need to find the right format.

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