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Bedtime Battles

Before I became a parent I was a brilliant mum. Honestly I could do no wrong – my children would never have sweets or juice – they would only drink water. They wouldn’t have tantrums and if they did I would stand firm and would never give in to their crazy demands for an easy life. They would happily do their homework and eat their broccoli and wait patiently while I finished my cup of tea. Of course that was before I had children. Now I realise what a battle parenthood can be and even the simplest thing can lead to arguments.

At the moment the battle is at bedtime.  The girls all had the flu at Easter. Charlotte had it particularly badly. She had a high temperature and kept waking in the night with a nose bleed that would make her cough blood. It was pretty upsetting for everyone and to get her back to sleep I let her sleep in our bed. This is fine, I don’t mind at all when she is poorly and sometimes you will do anything for a good night’s sleep. however she likes our bed rather too much. It is taking a bit too long to settle her back into her room. She will go to bed alright but then wakes up a couple of times in the night. If it’s early enough I can usually settle her down and put her back to bed – but if it’s at 3 or 4am and I’ve in a deep sleep then I give in and bring her back to bed.


I wouldn’t mind but she stops crying the instant her head touches my pillow. Then she will turn and giggle at me with the naughtiest, cheekiest smile you can imagine. She rolls over onto my side of the bed – claiming the space for her own. I am left hanging over the edge, clinging desperately to the duvet. So there’s only one thing for it – admit defeat. The bed is hers – she has one it fairly – well through toddler version of water torture.

So I am currently drinking a gallon vat of coffee to stay awake and checking out sofa beds.

Anyone got any tips for taking back my bed?


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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