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Bedtime Routines Every New Mom Needs To Try

Bedtime Routines Every New Mom Needs To Try

Being a new mom is often exhausting; if the baby doesn’t sleep, then no one else does. It’s okay to be stressed because the baby hasn’t fallen asleep yet. Establishing a bedtime routine is difficult, but there are ones that every new mom needs to try. Make bedtime better by practicing these rituals.

Just Lay Down Even if You’re Not Tired

The best thing to do when setting up a nightly routine is simply laying down on your bed in the dark. Sometimes laying down when you’re not tired helps get your child ready for sleep. They’re exhausted, and so are you.

There are excellent tips to help you stay asleep, especially as you learn to adjust to your schedule. If you find that your child does better on their own, go ahead and leave them in the crib and relax on the rocking chair or couch. Falling asleep takes time, but it all works out in the end.

Get the House Ready Before Bed

Routines are essential, even for the littlest members of our households. One of the reasons your child isn’t sleeping well at night could be because they don’t have a set schedule. Making sure your little one and your home are prepped for bedtime will work wonders.

The best routine to establish is to get the house ready for bed. Proper sleep is vital to a child’s health and your own. Depending on the age, they likely need extra support. Start by shutting off the lights and closing down electronics.

Get into pajamas, and then carry them to bed. If they whine, that’s okay; they’re getting used to a schedule, and getting the home ready for bed lets them know it’s time to settle down and go to sleep.

Keep Bedtime Rituals Simple

Don’t overcomplicate bedtime rituals. The normal routine consists of eating dinner, changing into pajamas, bath time, brushing teeth, and a bedtime story (if necessary). As your child gets older, you can introduce them to other rituals, but keep it simple since they’re still young.

And don’t forget about your own needs; you can perform your rituals, such as self-care, after you do a run-through with your child.

Start by Turning Off Your Phone

Set aside one hour before bed to be on electronics, and then shut off after that. Sticking to a routine is difficult at first. However, children learn from their parents—if they notice you’re on electronics, they’re going to mimic that behavior, resulting in bad moods and an inability to fall asleep.

Swap Bedtime Duties With Your Partner

It’s essential to take care of yourself, so take turns with your partner or split bedtime duties up. For example, you could dress and bathe your child, and your partner could brush their teeth and read a bedtime story to them.

Every bedtime routine takes time, but borrowing from these suggestions helps you discover and develop a system that works for everyone in the household. As a new mom, it’s essential to keep routines simple and to the point—create something that works for you and your child.

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