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Bedroom makeover

bedroom makeover

 Molly is six at the end of the month and we thought it would be nice to redecorate her room and make it more grown up. We had already started the project by buying her a cabin bed a couple of months ago but hadn’t got any further than putting it up.

Molly has the box room and it really is tiny and very hard to get anything in it other than a bed and a small wardrobe. We thought it best to get her a high sleeper cabin bed so that we could fit a wardrobe and desk underneath to best make use of the tiny space. It’s great but I hadn’t realised it would be quite so hard to change the bedding.

bedroom makeover

We let Molly choose a lot of the design for her room herself. She chose a soft lilac for the walls and dark purple accessories. She chose a picture of purple roses to go at the bottom of her bed because it reminded her of her sister Rose.

bedroom makeover

We finally put up the spin art we made last summer. It looks really pretty next to the window as the light catches the glitter glue.

bedroom makeover

On the opposite wall we put a wall sticker showing Peter Pan as Tinkerbell is still her favourite character. I love how it says “Never Grow Up”. It’s actually a silver sticker but it was hard to get a good picture of it.

Never grow up!

Finally my mum provided to finishing touch and made this lovely heart shaped banner using felt. Before she had some bunting made by my mum but we thought it was a bit babyish. This looks pretty and picked up the lilac and purple perfectly.

bedroom makeover

We were sent £50 to do up the room by moneysupermarket as part of their Room for Improvement blogger competition.

This is how we spent the money:

lilac paint £13 (B&Q)

lampshade £10 (B&Q

flower painting £12 (B&Q)

wall sticker £15 eBay

Molly is delighted with her new room and we have noticed an improvement in how she goes to bed – a huge bonus!

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