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Project MC2 Ultimate Lab Kit

Project MC2 Ultimate Lab Kit

I love toys and activities which encourage children to learn new things, The Project MC2 Ultimate Lab Kit is a fantastic product for this. Encouraging girls to enjoy science is so important. They need to see science as a realistic career for women. The TV show Project MC2 actively encourages girls to enjoy science and see it as fun. The characters are very different and enjoy different aspects of science. 

The twins were thrilled when I told them we were going to be sent both colours of the Project MC2 Ultimate Lab Kit to review. They both enjoy the show and love the idea of conducting fun science experiments with their own lab kit. The design of the kits is really clever, they are bright and colourful with contrasting red and purple colours.

The lab kits are made from a hard plastic and have space for everything you need to conduct your own science experiments. They also provide a portable space for storing your equipment when not in use.

Included in the lab kit are over thirty additional pieces, including 3 glass slides, 2 test tubes with stand, funnel, beaker jar, 3 lab flasks, 15 pH strips, pipette dropper, petri dish, safety goggles, Project Mc2 ring, and 2 sticker sheets to examine and decorate. We couldn’t believe how much was included in the set.

All the equipment fits neatly away into the case and there is an ingenious space for each piece. Just looking at the different equipment was interesting as the twins learnt for much scientific vocabulary just learning what each item is called and the job it does.

The Project MC2 Ultimate Lab Kit has lots of clever details. The twins love the little ring which has MC2 on it.  They also enjoyed personalising their case with the cute stickers. There were even a few spares to put on their notebook.

I love the fact that this Lab Kit actually works – it’s not just a toy. The microscope is little but has 4x power and is great for getting closer to your experiments. You need 3 LR44 batteries for the microscope which aren’t included.

The Lab Kit comes with a little booklet of experiments to try, these range from creating your own cloud to making slime and are bound to appeal to children. Each experiment has a little explanation underneath explaining the science behind it. We have already tried a couple of the experiments including making giant gummi bears which were easy to follow and great fun. Although the kit doesn’t include all the ingredients needed you will find most of them in your kitchen. The booklet is American though and some need a bit of translation, for example, it says dish soap and not washing up liquid. We made the dancing rainbow milk and it didn’t work at first and we realised it needed full-fat milk and not semi-skimmed.

I think the Project MC2 Ultimate Lab Kit is great value for money, costing under £25. It is a working lab kit which will make you feel like a real scientist and have fun at the same time. What could be better than that!

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Disclaimer: We were sent the lab kits for the purposes of this review

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