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Top 8 Best Beaches in Ibiza

Photo by Michael Tomlinson on Unsplash

Ibiza is a magnificent island in the Mediterranean. Some people feel that it rings the bell due to the electronic music festival, but it can also boast some of the most stunning beaches contrasted with the turquoise waters of the sea and the rugged beauty of the cliffs. It also has a great history, so there you could find a great number of sights and many historic places. Frankly speaking, most people coming here are interested in the sandy beaches, and ideally, you might consider Ibiza Jeep hire and try to visit some of the top beaches there. Here are some of the most beautiful spots, the ones that are really worth visiting.


This is the beach located close to San Miguel and if you choose to stay here, you can hire a jeep and drive down to the beach for a day or a few. It is usually considered to be the perfect place to watch the sunset and lots of people gather here in the evening to sit by the fire and watch the beauty of the sun going down the horizon. The sand is white and the water is crystal clear, plus due to the geographical position, it is separated from the nearest settlements, and thus is it an area of pristine natural beauty.

Photo by Ana Paula Franzoti on Unsplash

Ses Salines

Also known as Las Salinas it is usually thought to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  It has earned its name for the salt flats and marshes located near the area. Besides, the water of the ocean is saltier around this part of the island, so even if you are not much of a swimmer, you will really love floating in the water. Ibiza car hire would be the perfect option to get a ride here, besides there are some establishments with food and drinks and thus you don’t have to worry about taking everything with you.

Playa D’en Bossa

This beach is located about 10 minutes away from Ibiza Town. It is the perfect place for the rest with friends since it is the longest beach on the island and it is lined with lots of shops and cafes. Playa D’en Bossa is a lively place that provides lots of entertainment for the young people and there is always music playing, so it makes for an ideal location to relax, dance, and chill out.

Talamanca Beach

This is a touristy beach but also visited by the locals, which is a clear sign that you ought to visit it at least once. Talamanca beach is not far from Ibiza Town, so once you are there, you can find a Jeep for hire and head out to this beach. It has it all, wonderful cafes, shops, and rentals for water sports equipment. If you need to, you can rent an umbrella or a sun lounger and have a wonderful time on the island.

Cala Pada

If you like to be close to nature and facilities do not mean that much to you, then Cala Pada is an ideal place for you and your nearest and dearest. It is one of the few undeveloped beaches that still exist on the island. Since it does not have many vendors, you will not find this place overflowing with tourists, so you could hire a jeep and head out to the beach.

Photo by Michael Tomlinson on Unsplash

Cala Xucla

In contrast to Talamanca Beach, Cala Xucla is the most isolated beach on the island and thus the quietest place on the island.  Surrounded by a luscious forest of pine trees, this beach can be an ideal place to get away with a family or perfect for a romantic date on the coast of the sea. This is the ideal place for diving, since the waterbed is as stunning as the nature surrounding the beach.

Sa Caleta

This part of the island looks quite different from the other beaches, as it is hidden from the world behind the red cliffs, which gives it a completely different vibe and helps to diversify your vacation. Moreover, the waters here are quite shallow and there is some shade from the cliffs, thus making it ideal for a family outing. Besides, there is La Caleta restaurant known for its specialty, the seafood dishes.

Cala Tarida

Cala Tarida is yet another idyllic location on the island. It is a wide long white sand beach that will entice you with clear waters, flat rocks in the water and cafes. Besides, if you are an outdoorsy type of person, there are volleyball courts for rent and you could have an active day out with family or friends.

Overall, Ibiza is the place to go with family or friends. It can offer lots of activities for families and for young people as well as a myriad of stunning beaches and amazing resorts.

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