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Surf Lovers: 5 Tips For Building A Cute Beach Cottage 

Many of us dream of having a cute beach cottage, and now that is possible. If you love going on vacations to the beach to get your surf on, then you certainly need a place to stay. And what better place to stay than your own beach cottage? So, if you would love to have your own, then you should know how you can build and decorate it to fulfill all your beach house dreams. 

Set the Right Foundation 

When building a beach house, you want to make sure it is pretty and sturdy. Besides having a strong foundation and a good base for the entire house, you want to have a good foundation for the walls, too. This is where insulation comes in handy. Even though it doesn’t get cold at the beach, you still want to have insulation to better control the climate inside the cottage when the heat is unbearable. So, make sure to look into the best house insulation materials you can find for your beach cottage. This will make the entire cottage cozy, you will spend less energy on cooling, and you have an extra layer of protection from unwanted moisture.  

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Pick a Whimsical Color for the Exterior 

The beauty of beach cottages is that they feel magical and whimsical. You can take that to another level by picking a bright yet gentle color for your cottage’s exterior. Beach houses are known for their pastel palettes and you, too, can explore those options. For example, a classic seashell peach color can do wonders on the exterior and it will look amazing in comparison to the surrounding sand and greenery. Other shades that would look great on the exterior are shades of light blue, light blue-greens, or even blue-gray hues. 

Go Big with Seating, and Smaller with Tables 

When it comes to the interior design, the first thing to consider is going big on seating options. You can add a big couch that can accommodate more people than a cluster of chairs. When you rely on chairs for seating throughout the house, they can create a cluttered look, where a big couch can fit many people without producing any clutter. Also, you can go for smaller portable tables that won’t be in anyone’s way but still will serve their purpose. And to add more seating, you can add a window seat or tuck a few ottomans under your console table. 

Add a Loft Space 

Beach cottages aren’t usually big, and that’s why you have to make every foot count. If you are considering adding another level to your cottage, you should consider adding a loft space. Even if you can only fit one single bed in the loft space, it will still be worthwhile because you will save space in the main room, and still have enough room for sleep. Or, you can use the loft space for entertainment, turn it into a reading nook, or whatever else you need in your cute little beach cottage. 

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Create an Outdoor Living Area 

Since this is your own beach cottage, it goes without saying that you should create a nice outdoor living area. The weather is always going to be sunny and nice, and this is the perfect opportunity to create an outdoor retreat. If the space allows it you can build a nice deck with some soft seating for all your guests and family to enjoy. Also, you could add an outdoor kitchen, or at least build a grill for all the parties you’re going to host here. Just make sure to add overhead protection in case there is rain, and to provide a bit of shade for those too sunny days. To decorate the space, you can rely on native plants, and add a few of your favorite potted plants. Those pots can be as colorful as you’d like, but adding a few shells and other beach-themed decorations will complete the look of your outdoor living area.  

Everyone dreams of having a nice beach house. And even though building a huge beach house is expensive, you still can have the next best thing – a cute beach cottage. Beach cottages are much cozier, warmer, and nicer to decorate and you will always have a nice place to stay when you visit the beach to work on your surfing skills or simply enjoy your time. 

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