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Bank Holiday Picnic With Morrisons


Over the Bank Holiday I was sent some vouchers to use at Morissons. I had big plans with what to spend them on and was planning a shopping trip after lunch and a special evening meal. Then our estate agent turned up and looked surprised to see us and said we had a viewing in five minutes. After a last minute rush around the house to make sure everything was tidy (throwing everything into cupboards out of sight), we rushed to the shops. We had a couple of hours to fill so I suggested to the girls we spend our vouchers on a picnic and head to the park.

writing a shopping list

Luckily I had some little helpers. Before we got out the car Molly wrote a list of everything we needed. She put doughnuts first. Our nearest Morissons has only been open a few months. I like it because it has a toilet and parking spaces inside. I love the fact it has double seated trollies as standard (although you do have to remember a £1 coin) essential when you have twins. The checkout staff are also incredibly friendly and so kind to the girls.

Morissons vegetables

I also like all the fresh produce. It is displayed attractively and there is always a wide variety of vegetables with a few unusual choices.

Deals at Morrisons

We were instructed to look for deals and there were plenty. Every aisle had signs and the prices were lower than I expected.



For our picnic we bought:


  • doughnuts £1.00
  • mini sausages £1.00
  • cheese and tomato bread £1.55
  • cherry tomatos 69p
  • mini pork pies £1.29
  • Strawberry flavoured water 49p
  • Flavoured milk 69p
  • Grapes £2.00

Picnic Items

  • A picnic blanket £9
  • A frisbee 69p

Total £18.40

Cost per person: £1.72


As the picnic was unplanned I had left the house without any cutlery. I chose things which we could pick up and eat without using any cutlery. The pizza bread was really delicious and freshly baked that morning. It wasn’t the healthiest lunch but was lovely as a treat.


The girls also chose these butterfly hair clips as we had left the house without doing their hair. They cost £3 and were very pretty.


We had our picnic in our favourite park. It was really lovely with a beautiful view of the lake.


The only slight dampner was that while we were playing frizbee in the middle of the picnic to get some energy for the doughnuts a naughty dog ran over our lunch and ate all the sausages.


We went for a walk in the woods after. The lunch had given the girls some energy and they were feeling very adventurous.

Into the woods

We found a beautiful heron carving in a tree stump.

Into the woods

Some bluebells.

bluebell woods

Plus a hollow tree and some fairy toadstools.

hollow tree

We were a bit noisy for spotting fairies though.

hollow tree

Disclaimer: We were sent the vouchers for the purposes of this review

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