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Back to School Clothes & Stationary Ideas

It’s nearly the first day of term, nerves are running high.

It’s the usual run of worries: will the first day go well? Will I get there on time? Will I get lost on the way to their new classroom? Will I have a sharp pencil? Will I fall over or say something silly so everyone laughs at them for the rest of the year? Will I remember my lunch? Will I look smart enough? Will I have a good class…..

Ok, ok I’m talking about myself.  It’s not just the kids who worry about going back to school, you know, teachers do as well. The holidays are so very long that school seems like a distant dream. Although perhaps long holidays will soon be a thing of the past. There are certain ways a teacher can get ready for back to school.

1. School Uniform

Back to school uniform is not just for children. It’s nice to have a new outfit to wear to get back in to the teacher persona. Teacher clothes are pretty easy. They have to be easy to wash because of all the poster paints and green pen which always gets on them, they need to be comfy so you can sit on the floor or the tiny chairs if you are teaching the littlies. They need lots of layers as some classrooms are cold and some are warm. They should be a formal as you might have a meeting with the head or the parents. The UK will change the law on uniforms. A great idea is to use personalised school labels.

2. Shoes

To go with the new outfit a new pair of occasion shoes are essential. Comfort is the priority. There is a lot of walking around the school and not a lot of sitting down. However, I think teachers should have stylish shoes. Children spend most of their time sat at shoe level., They should have something sleek and stylish to look at while they contemplate the answer to 7×9. Something like a Hobbs Delphine pump or Mina ankle boot would do nicely.

3. Coat

A warm coat. I never remember it but coats are vital at playtime and at the end of the day when waiting to hand the children over to their eager parents. They need to be waterproof because it always rains  at 3.30. The clouds seem to wait until that time before gleefully soaking everyone. Coats also need big pockets, for whistles and confiscated moshi monster cards.

4. Stationary

Ok perhaps it’s just an excuse but the start of term calls for new stationary. Marking pens, stickers, whiteboard markers, a new pencil case and desk tidy. The whole set up. Of course by the end of the first week all the lids have already been left off all the felt tip s and there isn’t a marking pen in sight but it’s nice to start prepared.

5. Diary

I love starting a new diary and often have a new one for the school year and the New Year. Teachers need lots of space for meetings and deadlines. I like a personalised one with a picture of the family on it to remind me of home.

So what do you need to prepare for the return to work?

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