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How to Book Your Private Plane Flight

To those who have not had cause to do it, booking a private jet might seem shrouded in mystery. Clouds, perhaps. However, it is a simple process to obtain a quotation and then to follow that through to booking a flight. Jettly, for example, will allow you to obtain 5 free charter quotes within minutes. This will allow you to see how affordable it can be to avoid the crowds that keep Covid alive.

Quotations are Easy to Obtain

When you are obtaining a quotation to book a private jet flight, you do not have to ring around different companies who charter these kinds of flights, you can easily obtain them online and make comparisons between different flight options. This will involve comparing how much more cost-effective or comfortable it could be to include one more passenger versus needing a larger plane. The advantages of a larger plane might be that it does not need to stop because it will hold more fuel. However, if it is a short flight that you are after, a small group will benefit from the lower cost of hiring a small private jet. For a long-haul flight, you might prefer comfort over cost and book a larger plane where you can all spread out and take advantage of the overnight sleeping facilities.

The typical questions you might be asked when obtaining an initial online quotation will include destinations from and to, the date you intend to travel, and how many passengers you wish to join you. Businesses are flying their key employees to meetings these days. Being all together in the private situation of a small aircraft will allow for pre-meeting conversations to take place with the necessary confidentiality in place. Commercial flights are too public for that. No business would want a competitor to gain an advantage from their careless talk on a commercial flight when private jet travel would have prevented it.

Deciding Between Planes

So, when it is established how many will be flying, the size and type of private jet can be matched to your needs as a private individual, group of commercial passengers, or a celebrity who has extra considerations to think of when it comes to their security and safety.

The advantage of small private jets is that they are cheaper to hire and can fly high above the clouds. This means that they can avoid the bad weather below the clouds and potential delays. A larger private jet will travel further on the same tank of fuel. Additional fuel stops not required can be avoided where a plane is booked that will make the fuel distance without the necessity to refuel. It makes for a faster trip. Those looking to travel further will have to weigh the cost of extra facilities against the extra comfort provided for overnight. Extra leg room will, however, be the case with every private flight option.

When using a private jet charter company, you have the flexibility to choose your plane, whereas with a commercial flight it is all decided for you. Passengers on commercial flights also find themselves among the masses and having to accept the delays caused by having to stick to the set flight path. They will not fly as directly as private jets because they often have more than one destination to stop at during their flight.

It is possible to share a private jet with others if you are just making a trip in one direction and they are wanting only the return flight. This is an environmentally friendly thing to do. There is no point in a jet flying back empty. It is more cost-effective and better use of resources to have a private jet with passengers inside for both directions of flight.


Apps can now be used to book and manage your private jet travel. They can also be a great source of information. If you log into the Jettly one, for instance, you can find out about all sorts of things including Jet Cards. Apps are a useful resource for anyone looking to fly by private jet. It is the preferred choice for air travel at the moment given Covid-19 and the added risks crowds bring. Any activity is currently better in smaller numbers. So, check out an app or a website that charters private jets to see just what is on offer that will allow you to travel with greater peace of mind.

In conclusion, with lockdown restrictions easing, it is as easy as finding a website or app to charter a private jet. It is straightforward to obtain the quotation and then, as a passenger, benefit from the speed, efficiency, flexibility, privacy, comfort, and improved safety that private jets provide with every option.

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