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Avengers Assemble (in my house)

English Avengers

My name is Mummy Fury and with my elite task force of terrifying tots I have vowed to rid the world of spotless sofas and tidy hallways. My team is highly trained to stamp out peace and quiet wherever they find it.

Burdened with getting a good nights sleep every night and long lie ins at the weekend? Don’t worry it will never happen again – we are trained to exterminate sleep and banish nap times.

Imagine the horror of a having to endure going to the toilet alone? Fear not – within seconds my team will be there – asking endless questions, while simultaneously unrolling the toilet roll at super speed.

And if you find yourself in the awful position of sitting with your feet up reading the papers and enjoying a cuppa – have no fear – with the English Avengers your tea will be cold and our death-defying tantrums will soon put a stop to any quiet.

English Avengers

So come and meet my team:

Captain America

Iron Man

Iron Man


toddler hulk

If you thought one toddler Hulk was bad enough then imagine the combined force of two simultaneous terrible two tantrums? You really wouldn’t like them when they are angry.

twin hulks
Hulk 2

So there they are, my Super Team, wearing masks of pure paper, printed off by the Britmums team (a bit like Shield but waaay harder!).

What about me, you ask? How did I get the name Mummy Fury? Well if you forget to say please and thank you then you may just find out……..

Mummy fury

 Lots of love

Mummy Fury

(I may make everyone call me that from now on)


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