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Autumn Leaves Playdough

autumn play dough
autumn play dough
Autumn leaves playdough

The natural colours of Autumn leaves really lend themselves to play dough creations. there was a pin I saw on Pinterest with leaves made out of either play dough or cookie dough in Autumn colours. There wasn’t a post but  it looked great and I really wanted to do it.

We made three lots of play dough.

Brown – chocolate powder

Orange – orange food colouring and pumpkin spices.

Green – Green food colouring and peppermint.

autumn play dough

We also had some leaf cookie cutters and number cutters and rolling pins.

autumn play dough

First the twins just rolled and cut the play dough into leaf shapes. We got a bit of each colour to make the leaves,mixing them loosely together before rolling them flat. This made the lovely autumn colours.

autumn play dough

After that we cut the play dough into numbers and matched the leaves for each one.

autumn play dough

Then the fun part – squish them into a big tower.

autumn play dough

While Charlotte was doing that Rose was acting out the classic Two Ronnies “Fork handles” sketch. Good to see they are developing an appreciation of classic british comedy as well as their number skills.

fork handles

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Learn to count with play dough Autumn leaves. A great way to practice counting and have lots of fun.

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