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Austria’s top tourist attractions

Austria is a country with a rich history, beautiful places, unique traditions and offers the opportunity for unique activities. Winter is the paradise of winter sports, but also summer and other seasons, it is full of tourists who admire the enchanting landscapes of the Alps and the countless attractions.

The Alps and other smaller mountains cover about 60% of Austria’s total area, while to the east lies the Danube Plain, which is 350 km long and navigable in the Austrian part. Logging and paper production are highly developed thanks to the many forests, while the heavy industry is also developed. So if you are planning a trip to the country of Mozart and Freud, we encourage you by presenting 10 tourist attractions that you must visit if you want your vacation to be unique and unforgettable.

Melk Abbey

Melk Abbey is one of the most famous monasteries in the world. It is located high on a rock overlooking the calm waters of the Danube River. Formerly, Leopold II’s castle transferred the castle to Benedictine monks, who in 1089 turned it into a place of relaxation and learning. The impressive spiritual centre has become one of the most important examples of Baroque architecture and the heyday of music and liberal arts of its time.

Vienna State Opera

The Vienna State Opera is an impressive architectural edifice in the centre of the Austrian capital and is probably the most famous opera of all time. The orchestra has been recognized as one of the top in the world, and whatever season you go, you will find some famous opera or ballet on display, both in classical and modern form, to watch.

Seefeld, Tyrol

Seefeld has twice hosted the Winter Olympics and is an important ski resort suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers. It is located in an amazing nature reserve and is the perfect place for winter sports and summer hiking. Offering luxurious accommodation, Seefeld is a resort ideal for relaxing getaways.

Hohensalzburg Castle

Salzburg Castle is one of the largest and most well-preserved castles in Europe. Strategically located at the top of the Festungsberg mountain, the mighty fort gives a “breath” to the stunning view of the horizon. The castle houses the “Salzburg Bull”, an instrument with more than two hundred pipes. It is an awe-inspiring piece of medieval architecture located in the heart of Salzburg and is one of the top tourist attractions in Austria.

Innsbruck and Altstadt

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Innsbruck will make you feel completely insignificant in the middle of the impressive Alps. This area offers both unspoiled landscapes and a modern urban centre. You can stay in one of the resort’s most fantastic accommodations, trusting Erna Low for a complete vacation package that includes every extra service you desire. Altstadt, the medieval town of Innsbruck, will captivate you with its unique architecture and many shops. As you stroll the streets of the Alstadt, you can visit its landmark, the Golden Roof. This house was built for the Holy Roman Empire Maximilian I emperor and was decorated with thousands of gilded copper tiles that look like pure gold.

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