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Asus X102BA Notebook Review

Asus X102BA Notebook Review

Are you looking for a compact notebook so you can catch up with emails in the evenings or for the children to use or take with them to uni? The Asus X102BA could be exactly what you are looking for. It has everything you need in a laptop at an incredibly affordable price. I couldn’t believe it is available for just under £250

Asus X102BA Notebook Review


I mainly need a Notebook for emails, the occasional word document and social media. I generally blog on the main computer as it’s easier to access all my photos. I sometimes use the internet to stream a movie or TV show and the children use it to play games and watch Youtube Videos. With Windows 8 already installed the Asus performed all these functions brilliantly.

It was quick to load and run and had a good wireless connection. I could use it throughout the house and in the garden. The touchscreen was great for social media and was really bright. Occasionally I found it hard to get the screen at the right angle but this was easily remedied.

Asus X102BA


Initially it took a little while to get used to the Start screen as it is different from my other computers. However I soon got used to it and loved the fact you can flick between applications so easily. The Asus is very light and is perfect for the children. They found it very easy to use and intuitive.

The keyboard is quite small, something which obviously helps to keep the size and weight (only 1.1 kg!) so small. This was the only downside I found as I preferred a larger keyboard when I’m typing, however it made it perfect for the children who found it much easier to type with. It is very easy to carry around and fits into a large handbag. I also found the cables really lightweight but was impressed with the battery capacity which lasted me nearly 5 hours of usage.

There are also 3 USB ports and an SD card slot which make it very versatile.

Asus X102BA

  • Windows 8 or other editions available
  • Operate 10.1” notebook conveniently by touch screen
  • Bundle 2013 Office Home & Student for daily working and presentations
  • SonicMaster-enhanced audio and ASUS Splendid technology to optimize visuals

I would definitely recommend the Asus X102BA. It provides good value for money and is perfect for every day family use.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Asus X102BA Notebook for the purposes of this review.

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