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Art and Crafts Room for Kids Inspired by Barcelona

Bloggers were challenged to choose their favourite destination from Cunard Cruises. I have always dreamed of visiting Barcelona – the combination of glorious sunshine and amazing art and architecture makes it the perfect location for me. I find Picasso and Gaudi so inspiring. We are planning on moving house in the near future and top on my requirements is a studio in the garden – something like a summer room or a conservatory which I would use for the arts and crafts I do with the children. At the moment we do all our crafts in the kitchen and when it’s time to stop and have dinner we have to pack everything away, or more often than not eat around the glue and glitter. I dream of having a space where we can make a mess and been inspired. Where I can actually find the craft materials I need.

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One of the things which I love about Barcelona is the light. I would paint the walls in gleaming white with natural flooring. I really love the look of this colourful apartment in Barcelona. The splashes of colour stand out so vividly against the white wall. This would be perfect for a children’s room.

Colourful Barcelona Apartment
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I find the architecture of Gaudi so fascinating. The flowing lines and bright pops of colour would work brilliantly in a room for children.

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I would love to create some art work in our room with the children inspired by Gaudi. We could make a mosaic table doing a little bit every day. I would love to create some art work like at the MSN Museum. What a lovely space that would be to work. I love the painted chairs as well.

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A visit to the Picasso museum would be top of my itinerary for a visit to Barcelona. As well as using his work as a model for the girls own art I would love to have an area to display their work featuring my favourite Picasso quotes: “Everything you can imagine is real” and “to draw you must close your eyes and sing.” I would have a large quote saying: “Every child is an artist” with space to display their art work underneath.

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The children would be so inspired to create in a place like the lovely art room at Kate’s Pencil Box. I would have a little corner for me as well. Perhaps it would even encourage me to do some art myself.

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