Teaching Children How To Care For Pets

Teaching Children How To Car For Pets: Rabbit Edition It can be such a special moment when you introduce your child to their first pet. If your child’s first pet is a rabbit, then they may be about to embark on an amazing adventure. Rabbits are tremendously intelligent, curious and energetic creatures, but they may … Read more

Horses as Pets: 8 Tips to Keep them Happy

horse riding

If you are reading this, then there’s a good chance that you are a professional jockey or breeder of racehorses, or you have a farm large enough to comfortably house a few horses and ponies in the stable. Either way, you will find the following tips to be particularly useful, because they are all focused … Read more

Welcoming A New Pet To Your Home

Cute puppy being cuddled for a photo shoot

Maybe you’re thinking of getting a puppy, kitten or rescue animal for Christmas. Just imagine what a surprise that would be under the tree! Sooner or later, most kids start to pester their parents for a pet and if you’ve decided yours are now old enough for the responsibility, then what better way to liven … Read more

Five Reasons to Adopt an Animal

Owning a pet is a very rewarding experience. You get loyalty, friendship, fun and love; your pet gets all of that plus regular food and a safe, warm place to live. Whether you prefer cats or dog, small mammals like hamsters and guinea pigs, birds or fish, if you have the space, time and energy to take … Read more