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Alphabet Themed Lunches A-C

Alphabet themed lunch letter a for apple

I was going to posy this a month or so ago but kept forgetting. Over the Summer I made the twins lots of alphabet lunches. They had just turned four and were about to start in Reception and I thought it would be a good idea to help them recap on their phonics. We made the letters in alphabetical order and I posted them on Facebook and Instagram.

See details of how we made all the alphabet themed lunches and links to the other ideas.

Alphabet lunchs - themed lunch ideas for kids who are learning the alphabet

A is for apple

Apple shapes, carrot and raisons for decoration.

Alphabet themed lunch letter a for apple

B is for butterfly

Cheese slices and flapjack for the letters. Cucumber and tomato for the decoration on the butterfly.

Alphabet themed lunch letter b for butterfly

B is for Bag

I started off making a different lunch for each of the girls before deciding that was too much work! They loved this cute bag, with pancake and cheese letters, a grape button and a cake decoration to finish.

Alphabet themed lunch letter b for bag

B is for Bat and Ball

Pancake and cheese letters again. The racket was made with cheese strings and a banana handle. The ball was a tomato. Great for my sporty eldest.

Alphabet themed lunch letter b for bat

C is for Cat

Cheese and grape letters with blueberry eyes and cheese ears. The face is made with hotdog sausage which is also in the sandwich.

Alphabet themed lunch letter C for cat

I really liked these lunches and the girls did too. Their favourite was the cat one and they sat on the steps in the garden and pretended their cat lunches were talking to each other.

If you like this idea then also see my post about Number themed lunches.

These number themed lunches are so cute. Great for birthdays or for kids just learning their numbers. You will love how adorable number 5 is!

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