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Alphabet lunches for children

A-Z alphabet lunches for kids

If you followed me on Instragram over the Summer you will have seen that I spent lots of time making alphabet lunches for the girls. They were just about to start school and I thought it would help them learn some letters in a fun way. I should have posted them here as I did them but didn’t get round to it. I thought it would be a good time to make a start.

Alphabet lunchs - themed lunch ideas for kids who are learning the alphabet

Before I start I have to make a confession that I have a lot of cookie cutters. You might even call it an addiction. If you want to do something like this then it does help to have different shaped cutters, although I didn’t use them every time as the sandwiches are often too small. I have two sets of alphabet cutters an upper and lower case one. I told you it was an addiction!IMG_9223

These lunches are meant for children with small appetites – ages 3-4. The fillings are usually the girls’ own choices. They like simple things like marmite or jam, peanut butter or ham. The thing I found hard with these lunches was to use much meat or fish, except as the sandwich filling. I didn’t make one of these lunches every day and the other days would have been mope protein based to balance it out. The lunches took about 20-30 mins to prepare which is definitely longer than I would normally take to make lunch but the girls did enjoy them and it also encouraged them to try some different fruits and vegetables than they normally would.


alphabet cookie cutters

shape cookie cutters

alphabet picks


These are the ingredients I used for most of the sandwiches.

  • wholewheat bread
  • sandwich fillings
  • fruit – apples, bananas, raisons, pears, grapes, blueberries
  • vegetables – cucumber, tomato
  • cheese
  • pancakes
  • candy eye balls
  • cake decorations

Alphabet lunchs - themed lunch ideas for kids who are learning the alphabet
Come back in the next few weeks to see details of all the lunches. I will add all the links here.

Alphabet Lunches A-C

Alphabet Lunches D-I

Alphabet Lunches J-O

Alphabet Lunches P-U

Alphabet Lunches V-Z
If you like this idea then also see my post about Number themed lunches.

These number themed lunches are so cute. Great for birthdays or for kids just learning their numbers. You will love how adorable number 5 is!


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