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A Pillar Pond for Small Spaces

Infinity pool

 Blagdon Affinity Pond Pillar Review

The girls are always clamouring after getting a pet. However I feel I have more than enough to cope with looking after them at the moment! Fish seem like a good option, however we have a really tiny garden. The Affinity Pond from Swell UK is a really good alternative to a large pond.

Infinity pool

As well as being good for small spaces the pond is actually a good idea for if you want a lovely water feature on a budget as it only costs £129 .99 (RRP £499) and the running costs look like they will be low. All you need is a small amount of space outside and an outside plug. The pond is made up of rattan panels with a hole in the middle so you can see your fish. It looks really stylish and would  suit any garden.

Infinity Pool

The pond comes with a waterfall, pump and filter. As long as you have an outside electricity socket this is easy to fit and to run. The waterfall is a lovely water feature. It is great to sit and watch and the sound is really calming. The filter keeps the water clean.  Once ready is provides a habitat for plants and fish. There is even an LED which means you can view at night.

Infinity Pool

As you can see the girls were mesmerised by filling the pond with water.

Infinity Pool

The pond is really great, however, it is hard to put together. Here Come the Girls Dad is a flat pack king and usually finds putting flat packs together enjoyable – not this time! We were all very pleased with the finished product.

Infinity pool


Pond dimensions:

76cm (height) x 51cm (length) x 51cm (width). 279 litres / 73.7 gallons

Infinity pool

Of course once the pond was ready the next part was to get some little fish to live in their new home.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 20.29.38

The girls chose three fish which they have called Sully, Sully and Sally. They have settled in well to their new home and seem very happy.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 20.29.57

 Disclaimer: We were sent the Affinity Pond for the purposes of this review.

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