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Adults Should Learn to Play a Musical Instrument 

The Joy of Playing a musical instrument

Never think that you are too old to learn anything new! Two years ago, Bob and Jay knew nothing about the Spanish language. Now they are fluent speakers. Tom decided to become a tennis player at the age of 55. Nell, a painter, enrolled in art school at the age of 60. 

So who says you can’t take music lessons and learn to play a musical instrument as an adult? You are never too old to experience the joys of playing an instrument. Experiences and new skills should be celebrated throughout life. 

Learning a new skill is not an extraordinary accomplishment only available to gifted people. Anyone at any age can learn a new skill, even learn how to play the piano. 

Why do people think older people can’t learn a new skill unless they are gifted? 

It’s probably because medical experts emphasize that staying active, eating healthily, and doing crossword puzzles can maintain mental and physical abilities. Still, they don’t prioritize or even mention anything about taking on new skills. 

We’ve all heard an adult say, “Oh, I wish I could learn to play the piano, but I am too old.” It is a misconception. Many adults have successfully learned to play a musical instrument, even when they have never played an instrument before. Yes, you can learn to play music, even the piano. You just have to want to do it. 

The truth is that playing an instrument has many benefits for adults, whether you are in your twenties or enjoying your older years. If you love music and dream of sitting at a piano or playing the trumpet, it’s time to stop making excuses and get the music lessons you want. 

Why Learn Musical Skills?

There are so many benefits to learning music. Everyone should learn to play a musical instrument. Here are just five reasons why learning to play a musical instrument as an adult can be beneficial. 

It Reduces Stress

Daily life can be filled with pressure and stress. You could have a stressful job or deal with children all day. Even coping with daily traffic can be stressful. Most adults turn on the television and veg out for the rest of the day as a way of reducing stress. But this doesn’t lead to a productive and happy life. 

Listening to and playing music is a proven way of reducing stress levels. Taking up any musical instruments can give you some much-needed personal time and a way of allowing your body to relax and recharge. 

Increase Cognitive Abilities

Learning to play the piano can improve your memory and build up cognitive patterns that keep you learning throughout life. 

Playing a musical instrument can help you do something you love while improving your brain function. 

Adults Should Learn to Play a Musical Instrument 

Enrich Your Life

You can enjoy a much richer musical life when you know how to play an instrument. Mastering a beautiful piece of music is fulfilling. Sure, it can be difficult to learn to play an instrument, but the pride you will feel once you’ve accomplished a new melody will well be worth it. 

Meet New People

As you get older, your social circle can dwindle. It comes from starting a family, moving to a new city, changing jobs, etc. If you want to meet new like-minded people, you’ll find there are many opportunities when you play a musical instrument. You’ll have something in common to talk about. 

The Joy of Playing

Take up playing an instrument for the simple joy of playing. Learning to play the piano, the saxophone, the trumpet, or any other instrument you like is a joy. It gives you some “me” time to do something that you love. 

The secret to becoming a good musical instrument player when you’re an adult is to get started. The second best secret is to choose a good instructor. Without some guidance, it can be difficult to reach your goals. 

At the Lewis Center Music Academy, we believe everyone is talented. Anyone can learn to play an instrument, regardless of prior experience. Take the challenge and start today. 

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