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Maxi Micro Scooter Raspberry Pink

There is nothing like having a last-minute panic for Christmas gifts. That moment when you realise you forgot to buy someone a present or their gift won’t arrive in time. I hate going to the shops at this time of year as the queues are so long, it’s really stressful. Luckily with online shopping, you can order whatever you need from the comfort of your own home. You can get all your Christmas gifts in one go, from online shops like Very, including clothes, toys and home and electrical items.

We were delighted to be sent a Maxi Micro Scooter in Raspberry Pink to review. This is the perfect gift for children aged 5+ because it gets them outside and active. The box is quite large although if this was the main present you could put it together and leave it with a bow under the tree. 

It only takes a few seconds to put the Micro scooter together and it looks really fantastic. It has a sleek silver body with a bright pink deck which is really fun and colourful. It is a study design and really hard-wearing. Although it is strong it is really lightweight – this is good as children always get bored scooting and you end up carrying it home.

The Micro scooter has three wheels which make you go fast and whizz around corners and give you a smooth ride.  You don’t need to turn the handlebar, instead, you lean and it turns. There is also a handy brake at the back so you can stop. This model doesn’t fold, however, it is quite thin, so it will be easy to store.

One of the things I like about the scooter is how long it will last you. It is suitable for children aged up to twelve and who are 110cm to 152cm tall. You can easily adjust the handlebars

The Maxi Micro Scooter costs around £139.99. It is not the cheapest scooter on the market but you know you are getting a quality scooter which will last for years.

Disclaimer: We were sent the scooter for the purposes of this review. 

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