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Lucky Fortune Charm Bracelet Review

The twins love collectables but have been wanting something new. Although they still enjoy playing with dolls, when we heard about Lucky Fortune charm bracelets from WowWee they were really excited to see what they were like. The girls love pretty jewellery and the combination of something to unbox and lovely collectable jewellery seemed like a winner.

We were sent four packets of Lucky Fortunes to review. The jewellery comes in a small plastic bag. It costs around £8.99 for a two pack.

Lucky Fortune Charm Bracelets from WowWee

Inside the pack you get a cute plastic fortune cookie. This doubles up as a tag for your bag. You pop open the fortune cookie to rebeal your bracelet. There are four different types of fortune cookie to collect and you can see which one on the outside of the packet.

In each fortune cookie there is one bracelet. The charms are really pretty and there are over a hundred different types to collect. You might be really lucky and get the Ultra rare gold plated charm which is a four leaf clover. The twins got lips and a cupcake as well as a anchor. The colours on the charm are pretty and they have a gold edge.

The charm comes on a silk thread which you fasten by pushing up the bead. This does seem a little flimsy for the price and I am worried that it would be easy to break.

The collector sheet can be turned into a paper fortune which is a clever touch. You can see what sort of luck is in store for you with your charm.

This is a fun toy which would make a great present for a friend or a pocket money toy. It is suitable for ages 6+. Find it on Amazon.

Disclaimer: We were sent the bracelet charms for the purposes of this review.

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