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Go Glam Nail Stamper Review

Go Glam Nail Stampers from Cool Maker

The girls are at the age where they love doing their nails. The only problem is their skills at nail design don’t quite match what they want to achieve. They want pretty coloured nails with unicorns or cats painted on them, but that’s far too hard. This is where the Go Glam Nail Stamper comes in. This is such a clever idea for a product. You can stamp patterns directly onto your nails. 

Go Glam Nail Stamper Review
Go Glam Nail Stamper set

Go Glam Nail Stamper

The Nail Stamper studio set gives you everything you need to get started. It comes with instructions, a nail stamper, a make up case to store your collection, five different designs of stamps, two bottles of nail polish and a bottle of top coat. The instructions are easy to follow and the process is very simple and idiot proof if you stick to the timings.

Everything in the Go Glam set is styled with a pretty, turquoise and purple pattern. I love the fact that you get a big bag to store everything in. The bag has lots of the cute designs on it and even has a handy nail file attached so you can make sure your nails look perfect before you start.

First you have to paint your nails. Only the polish in the set will work, as it remains a bit tacky and doesn’t dry completely. The polish is a lovely colour, but doesn’t not apply very well , and can look a bit streaky. You need to leave it on for five minutes and then put your hand into the stamper. You can choose any of the cartridges and swap for every nail if you want. The pattern transfers easily onto the nail. You then apply top coat to seal it.

The patterns look really lovely. They are so clear and colourful and the images are really cute. The only problem with the set is that the designs do not last very long. As soon as you have a bath the polish comes straight off. This is great for doing at the weekend or for a party as you can take it off again ready for school, but it is a shame it doesn’t last longer.

Go Glam Dreams Refill

I like the fact that you can buy refills for the nail stamper so that you can get some more patterns. These come in packs of one, which only costs £5 or a pack of two which costs £12.49. We were sent the dreams refill pack which had pretty rainbows and stars and moons.

Go Glam Nail Stamper Dreams Refill
Go Glam Nail Stamper Dreams Refill

The stamper costs £25 which does seem a little expensive. It is a clever product which the girls loved. They will definitely be using it lots over the holidays to try out different styles. The cartridges are supposed to last for 125 nails. We will update the post and let you know how long they last.

Disclaimer: We were sent the nail stamper for the purposes of this review. 

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