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Mother’s Day Gift guide: Fizz, Bling and Gold rings

Top 3 Sparkly Gifts for Mother’s Day

I’ve found myself browsing online websites a lot in the last couple of weeks, looking at pretty things for Mother’s Day like gold rings, flowers, or sweet-smelling candles. This year, buying the perfect gift for Mother’s Day is going to be more important as most of us won’t be able to spend time with our loved ones. Buying them something nice won’t make up for ruined plans but it will show them we are thinking of them and give them a little smile to cheer them up in these strange times as well. This year I’m looking at all the sparkly things and looking at ways of celebrating Mother’s Day safely.

Here are my top three sparkly presents to make Mother’s Day shine.


When I think of a sparkly Mother’s Day present my first thought goes to jewelry. It’s small enough that you can easily send in the post, yet it has a big impact. My top item is a sparkly gold ring. It’s not what I’d normally choose for Mother’s Day but it’s a symbol of unending love and I like the fact that you look at it every day. You can always really push the boat out and get something big and bling just to wear on special occasions.


This might be harder to send in the post, but if you live close enough to. drop a present round then a bottle of something fizzy and sparkly might be a good choice. Champagne makes every occasion more special and you could put two bottles in, one to enjoy now and one for when you are finally together. Alternatively, there are some companies that will deliver. There are vast amounts of different Champagnes or Prosecco to suit every budget. You could choose one of the best Champagne brands in the world or something a little more down to earth, either way, your Mum will know you want to make her day go with a bang.

Home Items

We are all spending a lot more time in our homes right now, so something to brighten up the house would be a good idea. There are so many items to choose from which will add a bit of sparkle. You could buy something large like a mirror, or something small like a candle or go traditional and get a gold vase full of your Mother’s favorite blooms. You can choose something beautiful and practical which will prove a lasting reminder of how much you care.


Clothes are a good choice for making your Mother feel on top of the world. Again, these are easy to send. You can look at the top trends  and get something embellished heels or a statement skirt. Or you could look at a beautiful silk scarf or designer handbag to add a bit of elegance when going out for some exercise.


Another good choice is to buy your Mother their favourite designer chocolate. You can get golden boxes of chocolates or even chocolate with edible gold leaf. This might seem like the easy option but something tasty and decadent is bound to cheer your mother up.

Whatever you choose, there are lots of ways to make Mother’s Day sparkly, even when you can’t be together. How are you planning to make Mother’s Day special this year?

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