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Jump In Trampoline Park in Warwick

Go Jump trampoline park

With Half Term coming up we are starting to look for fun ideas to entertain the children so we were delighted to be asked to review Jump In Trampoline park in Warwick. October holidays are the hardest I find because the weather is most likely cold and rainy so I like to have several indoor activities planned. Trampoline parks are brilliant because not only are they inside but also they burn off tonnes of energy.

It is really easy to book your tickets online. You need to turn up half an hour before your time slot to check in. It is easy to miss the turning for Jump In as there isn’t a sign, but follow the Sat Nav and you will get there. One hour costs just £10.50 at peak times, which is a great price. There is also the option for an hour and a half which actually sounds the perfect length of time to me and works out at great value at 14p a minute. We had two hours which was lovely as we were not rushed and could stop and have refreshments in the middle. You need to have the special grippy socks to bounce. If you already own some don’t forget them, like I did as you’ll have to buy more on the door. Luckily they only cost £2.50, but even so I’ll make sure I bring them next time we visit.

Before you enter you need to watch a short safety video. This was presented as a fun cartoon, which made it more interesting. One of the timings I liked best was the lockers. They are code lockers so you don’t need to bring any cash. You do have to remember your code and which locker you’ve used though.

Go Jump is full of different mini trampolines. They are really bouncy so you can jump really high and practice lots of tricks as long as you stick to the centre and only have one person on a trampoline at a time. The best thing is being able to jump side by side.

Foam Pits

There are also lots of other areas of the main part where you can practice different skills and take part ion challenges. The girls all tried the rope ladder over a foam pit. You have to climb to the top and ring the bell. It’s really hard as it spins over and we only saw one person actually do it when we were there.

There is also a large foam pit for you to bounce off the trampolines into. This is so much fun and you get such a soft landing. We all loved it. It is surprisingly hard to get out of the foam pit once you’re in it and we ended up with lots of little bits of foam on our clothes.

The girls really enjoyed the long trampolines which are brilliant for practising multiple tricks, such as somersaults. They also slope upwards so you can run. up and jump off the top or do backflips.

Refreshment Time!

We stopped for a quick drink and the girls all enjoyed a slushy. Next time we will just buy a bottle of water to drink in the middle as we wasted some of our time in the queue. It definitely gave us more energy for more bouncing.

The twisty pole is a fun activity where you have to push each other off using the large pieces of foam. Molly beat me sadly. There is a big, bouncy mattress to land on when you fall off.

Ball Games

There are basketball hoops where you can bounce and try to get a slam dunk. There is also a large area for dodge ball, where you can gather a group of friends and challenge them to a game.  This is made even more fun a d difficult when you are bouncing on a trampoline.

An area which is great for the older children is a Ninja Warrior style challenge where you have to bounce high on the trampoline and grab hole of the wall and pull yourself up. Once you’re on the wall you can jump down onto a giant bouncy cushion. While we were at Go Jump we were impressed with the staff who were next to every activity and were checking people were following the rules. They were quick to stop anyone being rowdy or dangerous which was great for everyone’s safety.

Even though we went at a busy time of day, the trampoline park didn’t feel crowded. It was a brilliant day. There were a couple of parties going on, which looked great fun. 

Jump In Trampoline Park is a fun activity for all the family. What better way to spend the day than doing some exercise, practicing some new skills and having a laugh while you’re doing it? We’ll definitely be going again.

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