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Pop Pop Pets Review

Pop Pop Pets collectible toys

The new Pop Pop Pets from YULU combines three of my twins’ favourite things: slime, animals and collecting things all in one fun package. There is an added element of surprise with the packaging as you have to pop your way to get to the toy inside.

We were lucky to be sent an incredible influencer box featuring some packs of Pop Pop Pets.

Pop Pop Pets collectible toys

The biggest pack size is the deluxe 12 pack. In this pack there are 12 bubbles to pop. Each bubble contains some brightly coloured slime as well as some cute Pop Pop Pets toys. You get four toys in each pack, hidden in the slime. Popping the bubbles is lots of fun, like giant bubble wrap.

Watch our unboxing here:

There are 60 different pets to collect. There are lots of different groups including, llamas, penguins, kittens, wiener dogs, seals sloths and piggies.

Pop Pop Pets

The pets are cute with big eyes and a squishy texture. They are about the size of your thumbnail.

Pop Pop Pets

The girls found a good selection of pets amdreally liked the fact they are all so different, with cute accessories.

Pop Pop pets

They also loved playing with the slime. It is quite stretchy and is a lovely bright pink and purple. You will need a pot to store it in.

The toys are suitable for children aged 5+. You would need to keep them out of the way of younger children. The pets are little but fun to play with. You can easily carry them with you in your pocket. The 12 pack costs just £7.99 and the 6 pack £4.99. This is a great pocket money price and is lots of fun for the money.

Disclaimer: We were sent the toys for the purposes of this review.

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