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Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

The girls have been obsessed with acting out their favourite scenes from Harry Potter for ages. They are always saying how amazing it would be to have a real invisibility cloak so they can disappear and sneak around. Finally, WOW! STUFF has made their dreams come true. Although it doesn’t actually make you invisible, if does the next best thing, it makes you look like you are invisible. Now the girls can act out their favourite scenes and look like they are vanishing.

The cloak works with a free app you can download to your phone. It also comes with a stand to keep the phone still. This is really important to make your video look as good as possible. The cloak itself is made from a soft grey fabric with Harry Potter pattens on it. On the other side it is green which makes the magic happen.

You can take videos or photos with the app. It does take a little while to master the technique. When you switch on the button, it records the background. Then you come into view and put on the cloak and it looks like you are vanishing. The cloak is long, so it can be worn by a child or a grown up.

The invisibility cloak costs £45.99 and is sure to be a popular toy for Harry Potter fans this Christmas. We were really impressed with the results of the invisibility cloak. With a little practice I think we’ll get even better at using it. Because I was short on time, I didn’t use the stand, so had to keep my hand from wobbling. I think the more it wobbles the more you are likely to get visible edges on your video. I can’t wait to see what other films they make.

Here is our video using the invisibility cloak. Apologies to J.K. Rowling!

Disclaimer: We were sent the cloak for the purposes of this review.

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