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Schleich Glittering Moon Unicorns Review

Ever since the children were little I always insisted that the only animal toys we would buy were Schleich.These Schleich Glittering Moon Unicorns have amazing attention to detail. The animals are also so realistic. We collected a zoo and a farm full of animals and they kept the girls entertained for hours.  The girls are now past the stage of playing with animals however they love unicorns and so when I saw there was a new series of Bayala unicorns from Schleich, we jumped at the chance to review. 

We were not at all disappointed with the Bayala Unicorns. They are just the same quality we would expect from Schleich. Also they are fantasy animals they are based on the proportions of real horses so they look like they could be real. We were sent three of the moon unicorns.

Moon Unicorn Stallion £13.99

Star Pegasus Mare £13.99

Moon Unicorn Foal £7.49

The Moon unicorns are a dark purple colour with shining gold and silver details. These figures can seem a bit expensive at first, but they are so durable they will last for years. They are an heirloom toy you will keep for your grandchildren.

The Bayala unicorns are mini works of art. There is an incredible amount of detail for a toy. The unicorns hair is plaited and there are even bows in it. It looks like the unicorns are just about to run. The figures are hand painted and there are glitter elements and rhinestones in the decoration.

The wings on the Star Pegasus Mare are so delicate with texture and glitter on the edges and little purple stars. It really is lovely. The girls want to collect the whole series now.

The Bayala unicorns from Schleich are a lovely toy which will really stimulate your child’s imagination. They will be treasured for many years to come.

Disclaimer: We were sent the toys for the purposes of this review.

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